Funhouse Degree Show | Hala Louca
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Hala Louca

Designer, creator, candlestick maker?
My name varies on who you meet. For most it’s Hala. For some it’s Honalulu. Or Hola. Or even Hala-lala. You could probably call out shithead and it would still grab my attention. When I’m not being pestered by my cats or out exploring the countryside on a horse, you can fnd me with a determined frown on my face, fddling with my most recent project. In the last few years of my studies there is one thing I can say I have learned for certain about the Design world – there is always something new to discover, which is both fascinating and frustrating, and I’m still not sure which one it’s more!
P.s. Will work in exchange for kittens.
halaloucadesign (fb)

Graphic Design