This website came about as the result of research undertaken by staff teaching on the BA(Hons) Graphic Design and Illustration degree courses at the University of Cumbria, into assessment and feedback strategies, and the development of reflective practice amongst its students, to enable more effective teaching and learning.

Assessment and Feedback
Assessment provides students with a marker of their achievement to date, but the role of feedback in the learning process is in many ways more crucial in informing the student of where and how their learning and performance can be improved. Feedback can come not only from lecturers, but also from their peers, or the student themselves. More about the Assessment and Feedback part of this project can be found here.

Reflective Practice
The importance for students of reflecting on what they are doing, as part of the learning process, cannot be under-estimated. The capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning is one of the defining characteristics of professional practice. More about the Reflective Practice part of this project can be found here.

This project is called Teaching / Assessing / Learning because we believe that assessment is not the end but the beginning of the process of learning.

Photograph of the graphic design studio at the University of Cumbria