Assessment and feedback
Research background
It has become increasingly apparent that students find it hard to disentangle the difference between feedback and assessment and, from the results of students surveys, it seems that they are sometimes even unaware that they are receiving feedback at all! They are also prone to ignoring commentary about their work, only taking notice of the mark or grade attached to it, when it is actually the detail contained in the feedback which is going to help them genuinely progress.

Within the field of art and design, it is also sometimes
difficult to make the process of assessment truly
transparent to students. On what criteria are we basing the decisions we make about students’ work and how do these relate to the learning outcomes stated in university module guides and student handbooks? Do students understand the language used and can they translate this in meaningful ways that aid their progression? Do they think we grade work on what we, as tutors, personally ‘like’?

These were the questions which underpinned the research project and whose answers informed the new strategies we developed to make feedback and assessment into more productive tools for enhancing student learning.

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