Assessment and feedback
Best practice
Best practice of assessment and providing feedback to students suggests the following:

  • Feedback is best provided as soon as possible after the assessment took place, so that the learning from feedback can still be connected to the assessment content.
  • Feedback should be critical, but supportive to learning, so as to encourage a student’s confident scrutiny of their future work.
  • Feedback should – where possible – be directly related to learning outcomes and given assessment criteria, so that students are very clear on what was and will be expected of them.
  • Feedback should rarely be directed at the student, but rather at their work.
  • Feedback is most likely to have an effect if students are fully aware that what they encounter is meant as feedback, and that they should take notice of it in order to improve their learning.

One-to-one guidance and discussion

group crit
group crit Feedback can be given in many different settings, from individual tutorials to small or large groups.