Assessment and feedback
What is feedback?
Feedback is arguably the most important aspect of the assessment process in raising achievement. It helps students understand what they need to do to improve and provides them with the confidence that they can control their achievement. Feedback can be given, both verbally and in written form, to help the student improve their work in future (formative feedback), or to sum up the final judgement of the quality of the student’s work (summative feedback).

Problems with feedback
Research has identified a number of problems associated with current feedback practice in higher education:

  • It is often one-way communication whereas students seek a dialogue about their work in order to really understand how to improve.
  • Students often find it difficult to act upon.
  • It often does not come at a time when students can easily use it.
  • It looks back at the work they have done rather than forward to how they can improve.

group critique
Group critiques are used to give formative feedback