Reflective practice
Blogs are increasingly used by the design industry as a more informal communication tool between like-minded individuals or organisations. They can act as another form of promotional advertising for designers and design companies, in addition to their website, or as an interactive forum on a particular topic or area of interest within the design community. Students are introduced to these forums early on (not least through the Graphic Design and Illustration courses’ own Grillust blog which promotes the philosophy and outlook of the courses) and encouraged to interact with them as much as possible, not just as passive observers but also by posting their own work and comments in order to build social relations with professionals in the industry and gain exposure in the wider world.

Students are shown how to set up their own blog early on in the First Year and encouraged to use it as an online diary, recording both daily design activity and research influences and inspirations. As they move through Second and Third Years, students find that maintaining their blogs reaps many rewards, both in terms of a continously accessible online personal design resource, and links made with industry and potential employers.

As a means of synthesising theory and practice, students in the Third Year also use a blog as a means of recording and discussing their on-going research for the dissertation.

You can see examples of students’ blogs by clicking on the gallery to the right:

Setting up research blogs
Yr 1 blogs
link to katy hill's blog
link to debbie nixon's blog
link to jennifer scott's blog
Yr 2 blogs
link to james bradley's blog
link to katie roberts' blog
Yr 3 blogs
link to stephen arthur's blog
link to jenny cox's blog
link to gary nicholson's blog