Reflective practice
At the end of each project, students are asked to submit, alongside their practical work, a self-evaulation of their project in written form. They are asked to examine, analyse and evaluate, in a manner which encourages and develops reflective practice activity, the key aspects of their response to the project brief and the strengths and weaknesses of their working practice. This is guided by a series of carefully worded questions, relevant to the particular project brief.

At the end of a module, a similar task is undertaken, but this time considering the underpinning themes with which that module has been concerned in a more holistic way. Are they beginning to see links between projects or themes in their own interests within design, or particular strengths/weaknesses revealed through repeated demonstration? With this self-evaluation sheet they are also asked to submit examples of visual inspiration they are currently using, so that the range and scope of their references can be assessed, and a PDF portfolio detailing all their current work to date. From February 2012, these submissions are now being uploaded to ISSUU.

The quality of this analysis, and depth of response, is taken into account during the assessment and acts as a starting point for discussions with personal tutors during academic counselling tutorials at the end of a module.

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